Welcome to Parents Place, Sonoma County

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Welcome to Parents Place, Sonoma County

welcome_sonoma.jpgParents Place offers services for all parents – from group workshops related to various aspects of parenting, to individualized services that support each child’s unique development, to assistance that addresses your family’s unique needs. We believe that a helped parent is a helped child.

We are committed to offering services that are:

Informed by the Latest Research–our multidisciplinary staff stays abreast of the most recent developments about optimal learning and growth of children and the most effective parenting strategies.

Pragmatic and Solutions-Oriented–we address families’ immediate concerns and offer practical solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Flexible and Coordinated–we strive to fit our services to your schedule and to minimize the fragmentation and stress associated with seeking professional help.

Inclusive–we promote educational strategies that result in successful school inclusion for all children.

Responsive to Families' Needs–we are continually assessing our services and developing new services to meet your needs.

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Contact: Parents Place, 1360 N. Dutton Avenue, Suite C, Santa Rosa, CA 94901; phone: 707-571-2048; fax: 707-571-8195; email LianaU@jfcs.org